Terms of Use



You must always stay in your vehicles except to make purchases or to go to the restrooms.  All payments are currently by credit card.        

Tickets All purchases are made at the Box Office.  Stop your vehicle at the ORDER HERE sign and walk to the box office to place orders.  Parking spaces are limited, are not reserved and will be available on a 1st come, 1st serve basis.  Once parked, vehicles should not be moved until after the movie.    


Food & Drink
You can place food & drink order at the Box Office or by calling (503)844-0891.  If you place a food order, there will be no physical contact in the delivery process. Once your order is prepared a food runner, wearing gloves, will deliver your order to near the driver-side door.  No refills are offered.  If you order alcohol a valid government issued photo ID needs to be presented at the time of ordering for each person ordering.  Armbands will be issued and must be displayed when the order is delivered.  There are no trash receptacles on the lot, we are asking our customers to please dispose their waste at home.  


Guests will only have access to our building to use the restrooms.  Only 1 set of car occupants will be admitted at a time. There are specific entrance doors for both men’s (west) and women’s (east) restrooms.  Should a line form at any time, we have placed measured distancing indicators on the sidewalk to ensure all parties in line maintain separation.  Our team will sanitize the hand-contact surfaces. However, everyone should wash their hands thoroughly whenever visiting our restrooms.    


Lawn Chairs
We know that sitting outside at a drive-in is a great way to enjoy a movie, but lawn chairs currently present a problem.  Therefore, all guests need to remain within their own vehicles throughout their time with us unless they are placing an order or going to & from the restrooms.  Anyone not adhering to social distancing policies will be asked to leave. Projection & Sound We will be using a high-gain screen mounted on a custom-built 48’ Drive-In screen trailer, illuminated by our 4k, High Definition, Digital Cinema projector.  Sound will be transmitted via FM transponder 93.5 and received through your existing FM radio.


Popcorn to Go
Our available menu of Popcorn Buckets and other great movie snacks will be available for curbside pickup beginning at 6 pm daily.  To order and pay go to the box office or call (503)844-1891.  See our available menu on the reverse.